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I Chucked the Dirty Diaper into the Ditch

Written by Dexi A black empty highway in front of me. No one. For miles. Where could I be? Yup— North Da- fricken-Kota. Two-year old Scarlett, infant Roguies, and myself headed out of Minnesota state late on a Wednesday July evening, buckling in for a 7 hour drive. Why at night, you ask? Because then […]

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Marking My Trail with Regurgitated Bread Crumbs

Posted by Dexi How many synonyms do you know for the word “vomit”? I need to use words that mean “vomit” a lot in this post, but I don’t want to be a repeat word-offender, so I am going to access my brain’s word bank, pull out my thesaurus, and maybe venture to urbandictionary.com to […]

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